The Lodger (1927): Alfred Hitchcock’s first feature film

Although he had directed films before The Lodger, Alfred Hitchcock described this as his true directorial debut. Indeed, watching the film today is complicated by just how much one knows about the director and his personal styles. Many of his signature moves seem to be present here, preternaturally present, elements of an authorial signature that […]

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Rethinking the Shower Scene

The online magazine PopMatters hosted a celebration of the work of Alfred Hitchcock in June 2010, partly to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Psycho. I was invited to contribute a featured  article on Psycho, and also wrote new evaluations and reviews of some of Hitchcock’s most memorable films. My article is titled ‘Get Out of […]

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Anatomy of a Robot

Here is the cover of my forthcoming book! The image is from artist Jeremy Mayer, who creates these beautiful sculptures from recycled typewriter parts. He does not glue or solder them, he just disassembles the typewriters completely, and reassembles the parts in new organic configurations. Find out more about his work and his current projects […]

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