My teaching is interdisciplinary and my courses often include literature, film, literary theory, and readings on the history of science and technology. Here are some of the courses I have designed and taught.

American University

  • “Frankenstein and Beyond.” Graduate seminar.
  • “Literature, Technology and Culture, 1870s-1920s.” Graduate seminar.
  • “Readings in Genre: Cinema.” Graduate seminar.
  • “Apocalyptic Cinema.” Advanced interdisciplinary seminar.
  • “Robots: Imagination, Fiction and Reality.” Advanced interdisciplinary seminar.
  • “Film and the Human Body.” Advanced film studies seminar.
  • “Silent Cinema.” Advanced film studies seminar.
  • “Melodrama.” Advanced film studies seminar.
  • “Alfred Hitchcock in Context.” Advanced film studies seminar.
  • “Cinema and the 20th Century.” General education course/ Survey course
  • “Critical Approach to the Cinema.” General Education course.

Harvard University

  • “Literary Theory: Graduate Proseminar in Comparative Literature.” Designed and co-taught with Professor Barbara Johnson.
  • “Vision in Motion: Approaching Early Cinema.” Graduate seminar.
  • “Film Theory/ Film Practice.” Undergraduate seminar and studio practicum. Designed and co-taught with filmmaker Robb Moss.
  • “Film and the Human Body.” Advanced film studies seminar.
  • “Studies in Film Genre: Melodrama.” Advanced film studies seminar.
  • “Things Come To Life: Imagining Animate Objects in Literature, Philosophy and Culture.” Advanced interdisciplinary seminar.
  • “Histories of Cinema I: Moving Pictures from the 1890s to the 1930s.” Undergraduate lecture course in film studies.
  • “Introduction to the Study of Film.” Foundational lecture course for film studies and for Core Humanities requirements. Enrollment: 200 undergraduate and graduate students.
  • “Reading Across Media: Methods of Literary Study.” Sophomore tutorial.
  • “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literary Study.” Sophomore tutorial.

University of California at Berkeley

  • “Film History, II: Film, Sound and Narrative.” Undergraduate lecture course in film studies.
  • “The Real, the Virtual and the Cinematic: Representing Technology in Film.” Undergraduate lecture course in film studies.