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Robots in silent cinema

This interesting article mentions my work, and it focuses on some of the funniest robots and automata of early and silent film. Titled “The Bumbling Robots and Awkward Automatons of Silent Cinema,” this piece by Allison Meier gives some hilarious examples, from The Automatic Motorist (1911), to L’Uomo Meccanico (1921), and Houdini’s The Master Mystery

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Science and Fiction in The Martian

        I gave a number of interviews and comments on The Martian and its representation of technology, scientific processes, and space travel.  Both the novel by Andy Weir and the film directed by Ridley Scott revel in depicting realistic technological challenges and solutions. You can read my discussion of realism and the

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The Lodger (1927): Alfred Hitchcock’s first feature film

Although he had directed films before The Lodger, Alfred Hitchcock described this as his true directorial debut. Indeed, watching the film today is complicated by just how much one knows about the director and his personal styles. Many of his signature moves seem to be present here, preternaturally present, elements of an authorial signature that

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